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5 Hospitality Technology Companies To Improve Your Business

The hospitality industry is constantly having to adapt to the needs and requirements of consumers. From the way customers make a reservation to the food and drink they want, how they want to eat it, and where. Not to mention the amenities they require when staying at a hotel or guest house. And to fulfil these needs of passionate, (mostly millennial) travellers, businesses have to be able to act efficiently. Luckily, there are some great technology companies out there, specifically created for the hospitality sector, that will hugely support you in doing this.

From robo-assistants to software that will make your life much easier, here are our six top tech companies that will help you deliver a customer-centric service and seamless experience.

UV Robots

This innovative company has created UV Robots, which aim to kill infectious diseases, viruses and bacteria. They work by moving around the room, on a wheel-base structure, disinfecting every surface using UV technology. The robots are ideal for use in places like hospitals, restaurants and hotels, especially at a time when preventing the spread of coronavirus is crucial to operating a safe and efficient business.


How many times do you have people coming up to you at the bar, asking if you can charge their phone? If you had a Battpoint, this would no longer be an issue. The machine is perfect for bars, cafes, and hotels alike. Customers who have run out of battery can simply pay (contactless) for a battery pack, which will be dispensed from the machine, and they can charge on-the-go. Once they’re done, they can drop off the charging pack at another machine, at any time. It’s also covid-safe, thanks to the UVC light sanitising system.


Pointone has been creating EPoS solutions for the hospitality industry since 2001. Their systems help simplify the process so your teams can work smarter, quicker, and deliver a better customer experience. What sets Pointone apart, is that they take your system through a three-step process to optimise your EPoS hardware, simplify and enhance your operational tools, and connect your existing software integrations.


Filling in timesheets and creating shift schedules can be tedious. Then there’s the training and operations management, and piles of paperwork, which keep you cooped in the back office when you should be on the floor with your staff. Bizimply software allows you to do all these things in one place. It’s highly organised, simple to use and – as they say – ‘makes every shift run like clockwork’. It’s also available in app format, so you can use it in real time. 


If you’re going through hundreds of plastic gloves a day (or even just 10 pairs), something needs to change. They’re bad for the environment, and may not be as ‘clean’ as you think. Autoglove reduces the need for multiple pairs of gloves throughout a work shift, can help to speed up service, and… they’re better for the planet. To use the gloves, chefs and caterers just simply enter their hands into the machine, then remove them fully-gloved. They can then go about their work. Once finished, they just pop their hands back in the machine, where a UVC light will automatically clean them, then they’re good to go again.


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