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A Hospitality Business’s Guide to Hosting the FIFA Women’s World Cup Matches

As the FIFA Women’s World Cup approaches, anticipation and excitement are steadily growing among fans. Supporters are hoping that Sarina Wiegman’s team will repeat their triumphant victory at the UEFA Women’s European Championship in 2022.

Taking place in Australia and New Zealand, from July 20th to August 20th, it will be slightly different from the men’s World Cup in December! A return to warmer weather and beer gardens!

You can find a full schedule of all the games here 

5 Reasons to Show the Matches 

If you’re still undecided about showing the matches, here are five reasons to consider:

1. Attract More Customers:

Broadcasting live sports can draw more patrons in. People enjoy watching sports in a social atmosphere, and a pub that offers this experience can become a preferred gathering spot.

2. Increase Stay Duration:

When customers come to watch a game, they tend to stay for the duration of the match, which can often last several hours. This leads to increased sales as patrons order food and drinks throughout the event.

3. Boost Revenue:

Increased customers and length of stays can lead to higher revenue from food and drink sales. Additionally, special promotions related to the sporting event can further boost sales.

4. Enhance Atmosphere:

Live sports events create an exciting and dynamic atmosphere. The camaraderie and friendly competition among fans can contribute to a more enjoyable experience for all customers. Turning fans into regulars.

5. Promotional Opportunities:

Sporting events provide a great opportunity for promotions, such as discounted drinks during game time, which can help attract new customers and reward regulars.

Research Insights On Showing Live Sporting Events

The World Cup can be very lucrative for pubs, and research suggests that owners should take full advantage of one of the biggest events in the sporting calendar. 

During the 2018 World Cup, pub spending jumped by 33% whenever England played a World Cup game and research carried out by KAM and FANZO (formally MatchPint) in March 2022, suggests that there is still a huge opportunity for hospitality to maximise the power of live sport with:

  • 64% of publicans think showing live sport is profitable for their business
  • Operators see more than £11 uplift in average spend per customer while showing major sporting events
  • 65% of publicans believe showing sport in their pub has helped attract customers back to their venues

6 Ideas for Hosting the Matches

Here are some ideas to help you make the most of this event, and get the balance between summer festivities and the Women’s World Cup right:

1. Provide good-quality viewing for fans

It can be quite a letdown to arrive at a venue, eager for the match, only to find an antiquated, undersized TV screen so customers have to elbow their way through for a clear view. Savvy venues often dedicate all their screens to broadcasting the game, for patrons to enjoy the action from various locations in the establishment.

A projector can be an innovative solution. Although this might require a considerable amount of space, the immersive viewing experience it provides is certainly worth the trade-off. If you have space outside, it’s a fantastic opportunity to set up an alfresco viewing and dining/ refreshment zone.

2. Decorations

Event decorations certainly enhance the enjoyment and serve as a clear indication that your venue is enthusiastically participating in the World Cup celebrations. This can significantly sway potential patrons’ decisions on choosing where to watch the matches.

Consider putting up bunting, with the flags of the nations — be it all participating countries or just the home nations. A touch of vintage charm with somewhat old-fashioned flags can evoke a sense of nostalgia among your patrons. Extend the decorations beyond your interior; showcase your spirit on the exterior too.

If your venue still has coasters, it might be a fun idea to introduce special World Cup-themed ones. Consider infusing some creativity into your table decorations as well— perhaps naming the tables after the nations in play or even the team players. You could even feature small footballs on stands as unique table centrepieces. Engage your imagination and let the spirit of the World Cup guide your décor decisions.

3. Themed food 

Consider incorporating the vibrant cultures of the World Cup nations into your special menu for each match. This doesn’t require elaborate preparations, simply a handful of dishes representing each country, designed for easy, bulk preparation. For instance, when England squares off against China, delight your patrons with distinctive Chinese dishes such as Kung Pao Chicken, Chinese Hot Pot, Spring Rolls, or the renowned Peking Roast Duck. This thematic approach to your menu not only adds an extra layer of excitement but also provides a unique gastronomic experience for your guests.

We have some great food inspiration on these pages:

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4. Themed drinks

Embrace creativity not only with your food but also with your drink selection! If your venue is known for its extensive wine collection, consider featuring bottles from the countries competing in each game and offer them at promotional prices – the same approach could apply to beers too. Alternatively, you could craft inventive cocktails, spotlighting spirits distinctive to each nation. This strategy not only diversifies your drink offerings but also enhances the overall thematic experience for your patrons.

Think tequila-based for Mexico – a Paloma or Margarita; Cava-based cocktails for Spain, and something very British like Pimms, or an English spritz or Tom Collins. 

Make sure you create a separate World Cup Drinks menu too, so people know they’re available. If your venue is a pub, you could also sell beer in buckets, on a special offer, or in jugs – quick and easy and helps reduce queues at the bar!

5. Competitions and games

A little friendly competition is always fun. A few games you could play are: 

  • Guess how many footballs are in the jar (fill a large jar with miniature footballs). You could do this for each game throughout the World Cup.
  • Take down bets for the score – whoever wins gets a free drink/meal or voucher for their next visit. 
  • Garden games – you could set up a football target in the garden. If your venue attracts children, this is a great way to keep them entertained.

6. Marketing 

Regardless of the specifics of your World Cup festivities, effective promotion is necessary and should be a combination of on-site and online. Traditional methods such as blackboards or flyers can work well. Additionally, early decoration in anticipation of the games can serve dual purposes of livening up your venue and advertising the event.

Remember to update your website about your live game screenings. Regular updates and engaging content shared on your social media platforms can further boost visibility. By leveraging these strategies, you can effectively amplify the reach of your World Cup celebrations and attract a larger crowd to your venue.


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