There’s no denying our nation’s love of food. We’re travelling more and learning about different cultures and flavours from around the world – and as a result, we’re all eager to experience new and exciting dishes.

It’s this love of all things culinary that has led The Hog House to explore its own ingredients and recipes. Developing innovative yet authentic street food is what makes the company tick – and whether you prefer the bold and spicy flavours of America’s deep South, or a fresh and fragrant taste of Mexico, The Hog House offers a tantalising journey around the globe in a single bite of its delicious Tex-Mex pork Pinchos.

Founders Alison Cummins and Pat O’Flaherty are behind the passionate, fast-moving brand. A company built on good old-fashioned family values and integrity, The Hog House is forward-thinking and customer focused – and it’s all thanks to Alison’s love of travelling combined with Pat’s experience as a pig farmer.

Brag-Worthy Street Food

Having been fortunate enough to ‘eat her way around the world’ – one tempting dish at a time – Alison’s tried everything from pork and sticky rice, fried over smoky charcoal in Cambodia’s street markets, to Ceviche in Galapagos – a delectable balance of citrus, sweet, tangy and spicy flavours.

Meanwhile, dishes like Frango Churrasco, grilled lemon and garlic chicken at Brazil’s Leblon beach and East meets West breakfast in Sri Lanka with Hoppers and egg, served with slices of crispy bacon and local tropical fruit, put Alison on a quest to create brag-worthy tasty street-food of her own.

“At The Hog House, we remain ahead of the game in product development, NPD and innovation.” says Alison, “We are not simply manufacturers, but passionate creators.”

The brand’s Pork Pinchos are available in a range of seven delicious flavours: Fajitas, Louisiana Brown Sugar, Blackened Cajun, Jamaican Jerk, Texas Firepit, Piri Piri, and New Breakfast Pinchos – pork meat, bacon and black pudding. A ‘first cook’ from frozen oven bake product, they are perfect for batch cooking and stay hot for up to two hours.

Less is More

So, what was it that led Alison and Pat to street food particularly?

“The popularity of starters, sharers, street food, tapas and small plates is skyrocketing as people snack and graze more throughout the day or want smaller portion sizes.” says Alison. “Small plates and shareable portions give people a chance to sample more of the menu. Frozen is an excellent solution due to its ability to offer variety while keeping waste to a minimum. Our Pinchos are versatile and consistent and we never compromise on quality or taste.”

Setting out to ‘hit the ground running’ in the brand’s first year of trading, The Hog House achieved High Potential Startup Funding with Enterprise Ireland and BRC Grade A.

“At The Hog House we believe in sustainability, not only because it’s the right thing to do for the environment and future generations, but because it’s the right thing to do for any growing business that values efficiency and is forward-thinking.” continues Alison. “We are Origin Green-certified by the Irish Food Board – Bord Bia who conduct annual sustainability audits on our plant and processes focussing on the reduction of energy consumption, carbon footprint and impact on the environment and we wear our Origin Green flag with pride.”

Celebrating Market Trends

The brand is all about ‘big, blue sky thinking’ too, planning strategically and keeping abreast of market trends. By developing creative solutions that celebrate such trends, Alison and Pat say they can position their partners to ensure they’re always ahead of the curve, in a bid to help them ‘delight, entice and excite’ customers.

If you’re keen to try The Hog House’s products, Alison suggests the Pueblito taco, which features the brand’s Texas Firepit Pincho – the next generation of flavour.

She says: “Serve four to five Pinchos on a taco with baby leaf lettuce, sliced peppers, red and white onion with guacamole and grated cheese to finish. Bold brash and daring enough to stand out from the crowd our Texas Firepit sriracha based pork Pinchos are hot and spicy with full-on, fiery flavour. We have a whole world of flavours to bring you and we know you will enjoy your culinary journey with us.”


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