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How To Make The Most From Gluten-Free Products

The vast array of gluten-free products is such a positive development for those with Coeliac disease. There’s nothing worse than looking at a menu and finding there’s nothing suitable for your dietary requirement. No longer a restricted option, diving into a delicious piece of gluten-free Chocolate Fudge Cake is not an issue and demand remains strong within the retail and foodservice sector. 

According to the Coeliac UK, over 1 in 100 people suffer from the disease, but 1 in 5 consumers are still choosing gluten-free food for health reasons. What started as the occasional ground-breaking product has expanded into an amazing variety of products from bread, sauces, and cakes to name but a few.

In the past, gluten-free had a reputation for being expensive and lacking in taste and texture. This has become a distant memory, for example, Riverside Ltd have pioneered their gluten-free crumb, perfected to be an excellent replacement with crunch and flavour so that the difference is barely noticeable. 

This is especially welcomed in the cost sector where having a product that can be easily substituted, without noticing the difference and has the benefit of being able to be consumed by everyone. At a time when rationalising product ranges is vital it removes the need for multiple SKU’s by adding an excellent gluten-free product. 

So how can we make the most of gluten-free products?

Gluten-free Chicken Goujons from Wellside.


Make life easier for your kitchen staff by choosing a versatile gluten-free product that can be oven-baked, deep-fried, air fried. This makes it easier to dedicate an area in the kitchen to prepare and reduce cross-contamination.

New GF Cakes available from Fairway Assured


Many products and cakes are gluten-free as standard and developed in such a way you would never notice the difference. You can offer this product to all and it’s a great selling point that it’s also gluten-free.

You can view our delicious range of Fairway Gluten-Free desserts here.


We all understand the importance of well-trained staff especially when it comes to intolerances and food preparation. Ensure kitchen staff are fully trained in segregating gluten-free products in line with the correct foodservice standards and procedures. 


Use menus to highlight gluten-free options, this could be a symbol on the menu or a segregated area for dietary specific products. Erudus the online product data pool is an excellent resource for this, with nutritional and allergen information at your fingertips.


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