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Shmoo – A Startup Story

THE Australian ‘thickshake’ isn’t just any milkshake. No, it’s much, much more indulgent. Take a regular milkshake and turn it up a notch – adding more milk (full fat, of course!), plenty of ice cream, and lots of flavour. 

They’re so tasty, in fact, that they were the inspiration which led to Shmoo – a UK thickshake company – and its brand of dairy-based sweet treats. 

After beginning its journey to shake success back in 1996, Shmoo has since become the leading thickshake concept in the UK. 

Not only has it hit on the perfect thickshake recipe; it now provides operators up and down the country the means in which to create their very own scrumptious ice cream-filled, textured shakes, frappes and ‘freakshakes’ (milkshakes with mini desserts on top). 

Unlike many milkshake brands, Shmoo thickshakes have also been developed with vegetarian and health-conscious customers in mind.” says Karen Green from the brand’s marketing department. “In fact, when made with semi-skimmed milk, Shmoo milkshake powders create authentic, low fat, vegetarian thickshakes that contain no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives.” 

So Far, So Yum!

But the best bit? Shmoo milkshakes are low in fat. They’re also suitable for vegetarians and for those following a gluten-free diet. Plans are also in the pipeline for a dairy-free version, with customers and caterers alike invited to watch this space.

“Launching early next year, this [dairy-free] powder will help operators tap into the thriving free-from market and can be used to make free-from frappes, smoothies and thick shakes.”

Earlier this year, Shmoo also introduced two new flavours to its five-strong line-up: Chocolate Mint and Malted White Chocolate – both of which have gone down a treat with customers of all ages.

Blast from the Past

The nostalgic-themed malted flavour is proving popular, too.  “For operators looking to tap into the thriving retro milkshake scene that is popular in a range of venues, from American style diners to restaurants and coffee shops, then Malted White Chocolate is the flavour for them! It’s made with real Horlicks, Shmoo Malted White Chocolate is creamy, smooth and deliciously indulgent.” continues Karen.

How is Shmoo promoting its business? It’s all about getting out and about, says Karen, who adds that the brand’s eye-catching van has made quite the impression during its recent tour of British seaside resorts. 

“Equipped with delicious samples of shakes, the exciting four-month tour was a huge success and greatly received by all that visited the Shmoo van – so much so that Shmoo are currently preparing for another tour, which will take place over the festive period.

But it doesn’t stop there for the innovators behind Shmoo, who will also be launching another delicious new flavour early next year. Those in the profit sector can look forward to the upcoming additions – and new customers can get on board with how simple the Shmoo concept is, says Karen.

We supply everything in the box, including paper straws, cups, toppings, the Shmoo spindle machine and whipped cream, so it’s easy to get started.”

Creating a Stir

In nursing homes, the milkshakes are also creating quite a stir. It’s a simple way for elderly people, who may otherwise struggle to swallow food, to intake the right number of daily calories. “Providing a tasty, calcium filled drink, Shmoo is an ideal choice for anyone looking to offer a tasty alternative to a standard glass of milk.”

The brand also provides school caterers with delicious, school-compliant milkshakes that both primary school, and secondary school students will love. In short, it really is a brand that’s adored by everyone – and we’ll certainly drink to that.

For more information about the brand, head to  https://www.shmoodrinks.com/


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