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Startup Story: Suncream

AN INTENSE passion for ice cream was the catalyst for an award-winning food and drink company that’s now worth millions. Born over 80 years ago in 1934, Suncream ice cream came to be when Agostino Manfredi settled in the UK and began creating Italian-style ice cream from his own, unique recipes. Before long, the ice cream could be found in dessert bowls, on ice cream cones and melting atop chocolate sprinkle-covered banana splits everywhere.

Having successfully steered the company through the 1970s and 80s, Agostino’s son Domenico – in true family tradition – soon handed the reins of the now multi-million-pound firm to Agostino’s granddaughter, Rebecca.

The current managing director, Rebecca leads a team of 60 people, while the company’s rich family heritage remains.

Based on closely guarded, family recipes, carefully crafted over the years by three generations of the Manfredi family, Suncream ice cream’s commitment to creating luxurious Italian ice cream is paired with its vigorous new product development programme. Add to that significant investment in the business and Suncream has a recipe for success.

Its ice cream isn’t just tasty; it offers great value and has scooped more than 100 awards for product excellence. Several ‘Great Taste’ accolades are amongst the company’s brimming awards cabinet, thanks to Suncream’s ability to stay cool and deliver great service when demand is at its peak.

Available through Fairway Foodservice, Suncream’s Gelato Gold, Gelato Concerto and Premium Sorbet brands are hugely popular with caterers, while the brand’s wealth of experience in all things ice cream means our members can be sure that every tub is a big, fat scoop of deliciousness. On top of that, almost all the range is gluten and egg-free, as well as being suitable for vegetarians, and made in a nut-free environment.

Suncream’s new ‘Love Vegan’ natural vanilla ice cream is a big hit with caterers keen to offer a vegan alternative to traditional dairy ice cream.  It’s made with coconut oil and dextrose, real vanilla beans and flecked with vanilla pod seeds for a rich, indulgent flavour. It’s also made without dairy, lactose, nuts, soya, gluten and egg, and is registered with The Vegan Society – just another reason to love Suncream.


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