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As we all know, or have been told, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We are told this from an early age by our parents along with ‘carrots give you night vision’ and ‘Santa doesn’t bring toys to misbehaving children’. But research shows that the body uses lots of energy stored for growth and repair through the night, eating breakfast helps top up our energy, as well as protein and calcium used throughout the night.

The ‘full breakfast’, ‘full English’ however you like to call it, is a national dish not only in that it’s an Internationally recognised dish, it’s up there with fish and chips and Sunday roast beef and still very popular.

Cafes and pubs serve an ‘all day breakfast’ offer because we love it. There are also regional variations, ‘Full Irish’, ‘Full Scotland’ and whilst on my travels I saw a ‘Full Cornish’. We all seem to get on board with this dish.

Not only do we have regional variations on a full breakfast, but we can use the components to create lighter offers, handheld offer and dishes that differ, keeping offers moving and fresh, here are few examples-

A full breakfast wrap – taking the components and mixing them up, the egg is an omelette and is used to hold the other items in and the makes it a meal on the go.

Breakfast hash– chop and fry the breakfast items with cooked potatoes, top with a poached egg and served with brown sauce.

My favourite Sunday morning is a toasted English muffin with lots of butter, topped with wilted spinach, crispy grilled bacon, poached eggs & hollandaise sauce.

Then we get the bacon and sausage sarnies, fresh bread with lots of butter, crisp bacon or a good quality sausage, just leaving the question, ketchup or brown sauce?

Kindly contributed by Steve Midgley Consulting Development Chef, 30 years experience in fine dinning, creating fantastic experiences at Michelin star restaurants.

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