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There are lots of different events and occasions that can help with menu specials and in turn increase sales, a lot we already think about throughout the year and plan them in to our operations like Valentine’s day, Mother’s day and Easter to name a few, but there are other easy wins that can increase interest in our menus like sporting occasions, especially events that have teams that span the globe, each team have their own cuisine from that country, some we may know but some we may not but it makes menus more exciting.

From 20th September Japan hosts the Rugby World Cup with the final on Saturday 2nd November, this takes 20 of the world’s best teams and puts them head to head to find the best team, this gives us the opportunity to do the same with dishes from those countries, we can then see which team wins by seeing which dish sells the most, this could take the form of any course on the menu, below are ideas of dishes from the different countries playing in the pools.

Pool A

Ireland – Irish Stew & Colcannon

Scotland – Scotch Pies

Japan – Chicken Yakitori

Russia – Beef Stroganoff

Samoa – Panikeke – Banana Fritters

Pool B

New Zealand – Pavlova

South Africa- Bunny Chow (street food consisting of a hollowed-out loaf filled with curry)

Italy – Meatball Calzone

Namibia – Ester Kocht- Namibian beef stew

Canada- Poutine – French fries, curd and meaty gravy

Pool C

England- Yorkie wraps, roast beef, watercress and horseradish

France- Croque- Monsieur (Ham and Cheese Sandwich)

Argentina – Milanesa- Argentinian Schnitzel

USA- All American Burger

Tonga- Tongan Faikakai (Coconut dumplings)

Pool D
Australia – Lamingtons- National cake of Australia (sponge cake dipped in chocolate coated with desiccated coconut)

Wales- Welsh Rarebit

Georgia – Ababa (Kebabs with sumac & onions wrapped in thin lavish bread)

Fiji- Chicken curry (Fiji was heavy influenced by India)

Uruguay – Churros with Dulce de Leche

This theme would also work for the football world cup, European championships and also Olympics, a great way to add new ideas to your menu specials.


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