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5 Vegan Dishes For Christmas

Creating a vegan menu can sound like quite the challenge, especially if it isn’t a way of cooking that you’re used to. Thankfully, over the last few years, creating vegan dishes has become much easier, with alternatives to foods like cream, butter, yoghurt, and even meat, becoming readily available – and they’re actually pretty good too!

According to The Vegan Society, the number of vegans in the UK has increased by 445,428 people (40%) over the past 12 months, so if you’re looking for a Christmas menu that appeals to everyone, having vegan alternatives amongst the festive staples is a winning combination. 

These tried and tested vegan recipes are perfect for Christmas. It’s amazing how much flavour you can create just by thinking outside of the box – the mushroom and walnut pate is a winner even with meat eaters, and the rich and creamy chocolate avocado mousse is a delightful way to finish any meal.

1. Roast vegetable Wellington with chickpea gravy

2. Mushroom and walnut pate

3. Vegan nut roast with cranberry sauce

4. Maple glazed tempeh with roasted Brussel sprouts and chestnuts

5. Chocolate avocado mousse with raspberries and hazelnuts.

For more, have a look at these tasty recipes:


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